Emporium Pies is a specialty pie shop with locations in Oak Cliff, Deep Ellum, Fort Worth and McKinney, Texas while also making local deliveries in the Dallas Metro area.

What We Believe About Diversity and Inclusion

Emporium Pies' mission is to make a positive contribution to the communities around us by inspiring individual growth with a healthy company culture focused on baking and serving quality pies with integrity and genuine hospitality. We aim to be an example of how a company can effect real change, one slice of pie at a time.

We like to think that we inspire individual growth within our little pie community by taking good care of our team, which creates space to empower each of them to leverage their individual talents and ideas as advocates for positive change in the community, which improves our neighborhoods and cities as a whole.

We believe that all businesses have a moral obligation to consider how their decisions impact humankind and the environment. We know that the more diverse a group of individuals involved with decision making is, the more perspectives we can consider when setting the direction for our organization. Simply stated, people are the most valuable asset to a well run business.

There is always room for introspection and growth, and we commit to proactive listening, to educating ourselves, and to looking within our own company and practices. Our team has decided to publicly outline some of the action steps we have taken and will continue to pursue to live into our values as they are defined here. We will update this page with our progress and we encourage you to reach out to hello@emporiumpies.com if you have any questions or ideas for us to consider.

Our Action Plan

We will not stop our introspection or our contribution to the fight against systemic inequality, bigotry, and racism. We pledge to continually build upon a comprehensive, values- and rights-driven HR Diversity and Inclusion plan, with actionable next steps.

Recruitment & Career Development
We will review our procedures for recruitment, hiring, and advancement to look for new ways to increase opportunity and equity.

Communication & Partnership
We will build partnerships with organizations which focus on empathy-building, education, and communication.

Self-Education & Training
We will invest in inclusivity education for our team so that we can continue to learn, grow, and do better.

Contribution to Team Involvement
We will provide additional paid time off for our team that they can use for activism or reflection.

Our Values

Our company would like to cultivate trust with our team and guests, and we do so by asking that we conduct ourselves with integrity. To us, this mean acting and speaking honestly and doing the right thing, especially when nobody is looking.

Equal Opportunities
Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices. It is the policy of Emporium Pies to ensure equal employment opportunity without harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression or any other characteristic protected by law.

Freedom from Harassment
Emporium Pie’s definition of “harassment” is more stringent than the legal definition. We demand that our employees behave in a way that truly respects the dignity of all people.

Health and Wellness
Providing ready-to-deploy wellness resources and access to health coverage for full-time team and accessible mental healthcare benefits for our entire team is a responsibility we are proud to have taken on. We also offer a Rainy Day Aid Fund, which team members can apply for if they need a little help or have an emergency. 

Environmental Awareness
At Emporium Pies, we love the earth! 98% of our packaging is compostable and most of it is recycled! We encourage our employees to be vigilant about what materials can be recycled, reused, and conserved.