Emporium Pies is a specialty pie shop with locations in Oak Cliff, Deep Ellum, and McKinney, Texas while also making local deliveries in the Dallas Metro area.

Below is some further info on what is going on at Emporium Pies during these unprecedented times. If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot us an email at hello@emporiumpies.com

Why did you change your service model?

Our main goal is to ensure that our dedicated pie team can remained employed for the duration of this worldwide health crisis and that Emporium Pies can reopen its doors when this is all over. The most responsible way to move forward as good citizens is to practice and encourage social distancing, which was not possible with our previous service structure. So we are making changes to ensure that we can keep people working in a way that is safe for our team and our guests.

Who benefits from my pie purchase?

So far, with your purchases and generous tips, we have been successful in maintaining wages and health insurance for our team. As we move forward, we will focus our efforts into making sure our business survives this crisis so that our team has sustained employment when society returns to our new normal. We also do business with many other small businesses. Your purchase allows us to pay our rent and bills, which in turn helps keep their teams working and employed.

When will your shops resume business as usual?

Our current Pie Door model will help us to remain open in the future, despite potential fluctuations in social distancing guidelines.

Why is your dining room closed?

Our dining room is too small to operate safely with guests in the dining room and in accordance with government guidelines, we are pick up only for the time being.

Do you accept cash at this time?

Out of an abundance of caution, we have stopped accepting cash as a form of payment, as it is difficult to sterilize and is a hazard to our team

Do you have a restroom available?

Due to the size of our space, we are not able to invite guests into our facilities, therefore we cannot offer guest restrooms at this time

How are you working to ensure the health of your team?

We have created strict protocols limiting the number of workers at each of our locations and are monitoring that a 6' distance is maintained with our team as they work. Each team member has been provided a mask and wear them while on shift. Gloves are provided and are changed often. Hand sanitizer is available when hand washing is not and we are frequently sanitizing our workspaces as we work.

As always, we do not allow anyone who has symptoms of illness to come to work at Emporium Pies and the decision to change our business model is not being made because of illness in the company.

What happened to the cute little baskets?

As a sanitary measure, we are switching to single use, cardboard containers for our slices to ensure the most stringent cleanliness standard.

Can I order a gift card?

We would LOVE for you to order a gift card. When you order a gift card, you give us some cash to pay our team in these lean times, and you're encouraging us with your confidence that we will be here when this is all over.

Are you hiring?

We know that these times are tough and that many people are experiencing difficulty finding work. We are currently planning to keep our current team employed, but if we have more work than our team can handle, we will happily add some folks. We are always accepting resumes and you can apply online in the hiring tab of our website.

Can I pre-order a pie to pick up at one of your Pie Doors?

Absolutely! It is actually preferable that you pre-order so that we can have more accurate baking numbers and can avoid costly waste. Don't have a pre-order? No problem! We will have pies available first-come, first-served, too.

Can I order a same day pre-order online?

Our pre-orders require 24 hours notice, but we will have pies first-come, first-served daily at our Pie Doors until we sell out.

What menu items are available at your Pie Doors?

We will be selling our current summer menu in whole pies and by the slice at our shops. Running low on coffee beans? We've got you! We have bags of Cultivar coffee beans (whole or ground) that you can grab and go!

Keep an eye on our social media - some of your favorites may make a special appearance.

How is the Pie Door a safer way to get pie/food service?

We will only be serving pre-packaged pies at our pie doors and will have a contactless experience set up to ensure the safety of our guests and our team.

When will my pie be delivered?

We deliver pies 8am to 6pm. We can't guarantee delivery times, but we are open to negotiations. Just reach out at hello@emporiumpies.com and we will see what we can do.

Who will deliver my pie?

A member of our trained Emporium Pies delivery team will deliver your pie. Because we are handling delivery in-house, 100% of the delivery fee and any tips go straight to our team.

Can I send pie to a friend as a gift?

We think pie is the perfect way to let your friends know you're thinking about them while you're not able to see them in person. All you need is their address. Mark the order as a gift and we will send them a card telling them all about how much you miss them!

What steps are you taking to keep delivery drivers and recipients safe and healthy?

Because our delivery drivers are in-house, we can monitor their health. We have implemented a door drop delivery protocol and, since delivery orders are placed entirely online, it is a completely contactless experience. You can high five us later.

What is the Delivery Area?

Our delivery area covers all of Dallas and the metro area including Ft. Worth and McKinney. If you want to see if we will deliver to you, pop over to the ordering page of our website, type in your address, and the google machine will tell you if we serve your area.