Emporium Pies is a specialty pie shop with locations in Oak Cliff, Deep Ellum, and McKinney, Texas while also making local deliveries in the Dallas Metro area.

“A La Mode” Takes on a Whole New Meaning

We’ve found the best way to eat your ice cream is to add a little bit of pie to it. Our new house made π Scream allows you to have your à la mode whenever and wherever you want. Each π Scream to-go serving comes with complimentary bits of your favorite Emporium Pies mixed right in.
No preservatives
No dyes
No off-the-shelf mixes

Chocolate & Cherry Bomb

Rich classic chocolate ice cream featuring explosive bits of our Cherry Bomb pie.

Cinnamon & Lord of the Pies

A subtly spiced and creamy cinnamon ice cream with chunks of our classic Lord of the Pies.

Vanilla & Drunken Nut

Turn the nightcap into a daytime delight by taking home a creamy vanilla ice cream with pieces of our fan favorite bourbon pecan pie, The Drunken Nut.

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